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OSU Study: Are E-Cigarrettes Bad For You?

OSU Study: Are E-Cigarrettes Bad For You?

614now Staff

OSU’s James Cancer Hospital is researching the results of studies that look at the long-term health effects of smoking e-cigarettes versus smoking regular tobacco, according to The Lantern.

The main concerns are: are e-cigarettes basically the gateway nicotine to regular cigarettes, and will teens and young adults, among which e-cigarettes are most popular, become addicted to them?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, from 2011 to 2015, the usage of e-cigarettes tripled among current smokers. For high-school students, it increased tenfold within four years.

Min-Ae Song, a researcher working on the studies, said that users can choose to lower the nicotine levels in e-cigs, but the flavor-containing liquid that’s in e-cigs “is toxic.”

To figure out the effects of e-cigs on regular users versus users of traditional tobacco, Song and her colleagues will study sample tissues from their lungs. The researchers will also conduct a separate study to see if e-cigs are connected to cancers or other smoking-related illnesses.

This is one of many studies that have looked into the effect of e-cigs.


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