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#Style614: Hand loomed by and for women

#Style614: Hand loomed by and for women

614now Staff

Get a beautiful, handmade accessory while also patronizing a local business; that’s a win win. With QuiQuattro, your purchases also go towards educating and empowering women. Nihan Ardor is the owner of QuiQuattro, a shop that hand looms, pours, knits, and stitches soaps, jewelry, and Pestemal towels (all available online).

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Here’s a little about QuiQuattro from Ardor:

What inspired you to start your LLC?

QuiQuattro: I am originally from Turkey and I graduated from an art academy. I go back to my homeland quite often and keep in touch with my designer friends who still live there. I see their beautiful artisanal work and their struggle to survive within an industrial environment. The idea of QuiQuattro emerged when I brought gifts to my friends here in United States and realized how much they loved the designs and the creativity. Instantly, I thought I can help my designer friends by creating an opportunity to sell their products. I formed my company with the goal of giving them the recognition they deserve by selling their many creations.

What is your most popular product? 

QuiQuattro: Our best-selling product is our multipurpose hand-loomed towels called “Pestemal”. They come in different patterns and lively colors; they can be used as a traditional towel, as a beach towel, a scarf, or a sarong, cover-up, and many more.

Are all your employees female? Are they all artisans or at least creative? 

QuiQuatro: Yes all of them are female. They either have degrees in design or have been working as apprentice designers.

Where do your raw materials come from? 

QuiQuattro: For now they are all sourced from Turkey. I am in touch with some other designers from Argentina and France as well for future products.

Why is your business model (fair trade, and fair wages) so important in today’s society? 

QuiQuattro: I believe that women and men should be paid equally, but this is not the case today in third world countries, where, conditions unfortunately seem to favor men.  I would like to empower women and also give them the opportunity to become self-sufficient. Consequently, we also give 10% of our yearly earnings to help educate women abroad.


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