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Will male rompers be Columbus’ best new trend?

Will male rompers be Columbus’ best new trend?

614now Staff

Attention gentlemen, we’ve got big news in the style department. We know we’re about a week behind the curve but we’re coming in fashionably late, just like these RompHims. These male rompers come in three wearable styles that are perfect for any occasion: white for a casual outing in the Short North, peach when you’ve got a bit of attitude, and a button print when you’re feeling just plain bonkers. They’ll even have a special Fourth of July edition just in time for Red White and Boom.


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Not only are these pieces stylish, they are also wildly functional.

  • front shirt pocket
  • adjustable waistband
  • zipper fly
  • zippered back pocket
  • deep front pockets

C’mon, you can even wear them to the gym. Is there anything the RompHim can’t do?

Even if you’re not 100% sure what to do on leg day, don’t skip. Backwards elliptical #FTW. #RompHim #RompOn #RompTheSummer

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If you’re ready to throw your phone in the nearest body of water after learning about this new trend,  just remember: James Bond did it first and he can do no wrong by pretty much everyones’ standards.

We know that if you made it this far down in the post, you support the male romper movement. What better way to show your support than recklessly spending your hard-earned money on their KickStarter? If you fear of these fading away into the abyss, chuck some money towards the cause here.

At the very least, go out and #rompthesummer

Preorder yours NOW.


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