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$2 Radio nesting on Parsons with books, booze, and baristas

$2 Radio nesting on Parsons with books, booze, and baristas

614now Staff

A couple of bucks radio is bringing books, booze, and baristas to south Columbus. The local, independent book publisher, Two Dollar Radio, is opening their headquarters at 1124 Parsons Ave. this September. They will be sharing their space with the public to meet our caffein, alcohol, and literature needs.

The Bookstore: Reads from Two Dollar plus carefully curated selection mostly from independent publishers.

The Bar: Enter Hoof Hearted Brewing! There will also be cocktails and wine.

The Cafe: Locally roasted coffee poured up every morning alongside plant-based food like sandwiches, salads, and dips.

“The storefront will provide a physical gathering space for us to engage directly with readers, writers and thinkers, which is something we typically only get to do at fairs and events,” co-owner Eric Obenauf said in a release.

Obenauf, his wife Eliza Wood-Obenauf, and the third owner Brett Gregory want to create a space for thinkers, writers, readers, and other creatives to exchange ideas the to just chill out.

“It’s been a nerve-racking past couple months seeing this finally come to fruition, and we hope you’ll take this next step with us” –Two Dollar Radio website

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