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North Market skyscraper to be atop graveyard

North Market skyscraper to be atop graveyard

614now Staff

Anytime you’ve ever walked or driven across the parking lot in front of the North Market, you’ve trampled upon dozens, maybe hundreds of human remains.

About 200 years ago, that parking lot used to be the North graveyard for Columbus. Once that graveyard reached its max capacity, the bodies were to be dug up and relocated to Green Lawn Cemetery. But much to the surprise of an excavating crew that was installing a sewer line near the parking lot in 2001, some bodies got left behind. The crew properly dealt with the remains they uncovered but it is likely that more bodies lay beneath the pavement.

The individuals leading the North Market parking lot transformation are aware of the¬†ground’s history. They assure that in the case they discover a body, they will work through a procedure to appropriately dispose of the remains.

That all sounds well and good but will the spirits of those disturbed bodies haunt the new skyscraper?

We certainly would.

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