• Banned place forgiveness: House Bill 233 would allowed a concealed-carry permit holder to pack head in “gun-free” zones. If asked to leave, the concealed-carry permit holder must abide to avoid criminal charges. They could return 30 days later with their concealed weapon.

• Duty to notify police: House Bill 142 would remove the need for concealed-carry permit holders to vocalize their possession of a firearm when they get pulled over by an officer. They would only have to divulge this information if the officer asks for their driver’s license.

• Armed elected officials: House Bill 310 would allow elected officials with concealed-carry permits to have them in their possession while in governmental buildings. Currently, firearms are banned in such establishments.

• Carry at will: House Bill 201, would give any law-abiding Ohioan over the age of 21 the right to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

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