Parents Rest Easy — UberTeen Coming to CBUS

Chaperoning must suck. I don’t know because I’m not a parent. I’m just assuming that driving around a bunch of disinterested teens to a place they don’t care about to do something vague must be the bottoms for parenting.

Well, lucky for all those hands-off parents that would rather dole out a twenty to a stranger, UberTeen is launching in Columbus, Phoenix and Seattle. Despite sounding like a bad MTV show — it actually sounds helpful.

The service will available to teens as young as 13 — with parents’ permission of course. According to Uber bigwigs the whole thing took “a ton of research” in regards to the challenges that families face. After school activities, student jobs and parents with multiple kids (who can remember all their kids, am I right?) were some of the largest issues and they’re getting bigger as teens lazily decide to delay getting their license.

The whole thing is actually pretty well thought out — it requires a parents’ Uber account to use, and the teens can only go to parent-designated destinations and if there are any changes (like say…the top of makeout cliff) the parents will get a little notification alerting them that their kid sucks and has completely disobeyed them.

Also, if the teen for some reason is dropped off 1,000 meters away from their original destination they’re alerted too.



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