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Grandma’s Volunteering Hours = Free OSU Credit Hours

Grandma’s Volunteering Hours = Free OSU Credit Hours

614now Staff

Yesterday, Ohio State University announced that it would be joining a program that provides community volunteering opportunities to Ohio residents 60 years of age or older that can be exchanged for free tuition credits. These credits can be used by the volunteer or transferred to any Ohio resident and are good for up to five years.

You heard right kids; recruit your grandma for some book sorting and you could take a summer class for free!

The program was created by the  Ohio Department of Higher Education and is called “GIVE back. GO forward.” Once a senior citizens completes 100 or more hours of community service in one year at any of the nonprofit locations, they will be given a voucher redeemable for three credits hours of undergrad education at OSU. The service can be completed at either the Columbus Metropolitan Library, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and St. Stephen’s Community House.

Free tuition credit is an obvious perk but the service itself is also beneficial to elderly individuals. The Ohio Department of Higher Education bodes that it can lower depression, improve memory, lessen overall decline in health, and lastly help to establish friendships.

“We are a modern land-grant university and our goal has always been affordable and accessible education for the citizens in our region and beyond,” said OSU President Michael Drake. “This new program advances our founding mission, while further connecting the university to the fabric of our community.”


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