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iOhio State giving kids one more reason to attend

iOhio State giving kids one more reason to attend

614now Staff

Besides attending an institution with standout athletics, academics, infrastructure, and in one of the Midwest’s brightest cities, young adults graduating high school in 2018 will have yet another incentive to enroll at Ohio State University: free iPads.

Beginning Autumn 2018, incoming freshman at all OSU campuses will receive a 10.5-inch, 256GB iPad Pro.

All those already enrolled at OSU are shit out of luck—no iPads for you.

This is a more than $10 million endeavor by Ohio State but the cost won’t fall back on students. The university’s administrative efficiency program will foot the bill.

The new collaboration with Apple also comes with an iOS lab on campus which will teach students how to use Apple-specific coding called Swift, reports The Lantern.

News of the free iPads follows the announcement that all in-state students who qualify for Pell Grants — a key federal program for students with financial need — will get their tuition paid in full beginning Autumn 2018.

Damn, what a time to be a senior in high school.

Read more at The Lantern.

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