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Locals worry about chain takeover of High St.

Locals worry about chain takeover of High St.

614now Staff

You would have to be blind to not see the radical changes that have and continue to take place on High St – particularly near campus. This transformation has undoubtedly cleaned up the area and improved its curb appeal. However, a growing chorus of local business voices say it’s becoming little more than another chain-business strip mall.

“Before they tear this stuff down, they should preserve some of the businesses that have been here a long time,” Jimmy Barouxis said, noting the bar Too’s Spirits Under High. “They should try to incorporate some of those places,” Barouxis, owner of Buckeye Donuts told The Lantern.

Along with the countless number of existing chains, coming development will include new arrivals such as (another) Chipotle, Starbucks, Target and Chik-fil-A.

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