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Nike and Ohio State football: A love story

Nike and Ohio State football: A love story

614now Staff

The Portland State student who created the Nike swoosh in 1971 originally received $35 for her design. Now, the symbol is arguably one of the most recognizable and influential in our society. And what better team for this multi-national brand to link up with than one of the giants in college football?

Today, you’ll see the Ohio State football team adorn in Nike from head to toe. That is thanks to a major deal between the two that gives Nike the sole right to clothe the football team. The deal is to the tune of $252 million– the most in college athletics.

But it wasn’t always that way. Back during John Cooper’s time coaching in the 80s, apparel wasn’t given a second thought. There were no shoe deals or jersey contracts. The Buckeyes and the coaches, for whatever reason, bought Champion-brand stuff.

Now they’re getting paid to wear clothes. As far as Champion brand, they’re still kicking after nearly 100 years of operation¬†and probably relishing the days when their brand was plastered on scarlet and grey apparel. We heard Michigan was looking for a new clothing provider, though..

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