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OSU class of 2017 commencement speaker: Abigail Wexner

OSU class of 2017 commencement speaker: Abigail Wexner

614now Staff

She may not be the POTUS (OSU has pulled both Bush’s and Obama) or Bill Cosby (back when he was still lovable), but she has certainly done well for herself; Abigail Wexner has been name commencement speaker for the Ohio State University class of 2017 graduation ceremony.

Though at first, you may associate her simply with her husband, Les– being the CEO of L Brands and whose net worth is somewhere around 6.1 billion– she is so much more. She is a lawyer, a philanthropist, and a member of OSU’s board of trustees among other things.

Ohio State President Michael V. Drake said, “Her compassion and determination are true assets to our university and will no doubt inspire our graduates as they set out to elevate our communities, the state and the broader world.”

So, on Sunday, May 7, at the Ohio Stadium, Abigail Wexner will deliver her address to roughly 10,000 young graduates ready to have bestowed knowledge upon them.

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