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Sports-topia coming to Ohio State University

Sports-topia coming to Ohio State University

614now Staff

Wait, you mean to tell us that Ohio State has athletics?

Hell yeah they do and they’re about to get a whole district dedicated to them. They’ve creatively named it the “Athletics District.” It will be comprised of three facilities; The Covelli Center for volleyball, gymnastics, fencing, wrestling, and sometimes women’s basketball, The Jennings Wrestling facility for hockey players (just kidding, it’ll obviously be for wrestlers), and lastly, the Schumaker Student-Athlete Development Complex that will provide nutritional, physical, and psychological development for student-athletes on 33 Ohio State teams.

“I am passionate about college athletics as it provides access to higher education to young women and men with God-given academic and athletic talents, many of whom are first generation. There is perhaps no greater training ground than college athletics for success in life.” – Gene Smith, Senior Vice President & Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletics Director

Did we forget to mention that OSU is also toying with the idea of a 4,000-seat hockey arena?

According to, in 2015-16, Ohio State was the only Division I sports program among Ohio’s public universities to pay all its bills with athletic money. Others suckle money from tuition and other non-sport avenues. Click here for more info on Ohio State’s monstrous athletics financial report.

To get the scoop on all the bells and whistles of the Athletics District, click here.

Here’s another place where you can get way, way more information about each of the three facilities.

For the rest of you who can’t muster up the energy to read another word, watch the official groundbreaking video below.


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