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Stadium beer sales actually reduce jackass behavior

Stadium beer sales actually reduce jackass behavior

614now Staff

Photo courtesy of Newsday

Similar to how teenagers stop acting up when they’re actually given permission to do things, Ohio State fans have reeled in their jackass-ness now that they can buy booze in the stadium.

Probably coming as a surprise to many, The Lantern found that alcohol-related incidents at Ohio Stadium have actually decreased since stadium-wide beer sales began last year.

In 2016 when the beer first started flowing, there were 26 arrests inside the stadium, 25 ejections, and four citations reported. In 2015 when alcohol was not served inside The Shoe, there were 85 ejections, 18 arrests inside the stadium, and 65 citations reported.

Altogether, the number of incidents reported in 2015 compared to 2016 went from 175 to 61.

Who would of thought more access to alcohol would improve behavior.

Read more about stadium tomfoolery and how it relates to alcohol sales at The Lantern.


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