Opening Volley

Columbus is a “Yes” city.

Leave it to Larry Smith, the pied piper of six-word sentiments to simultaneously sloganize our city so well, while still leaving himself one word short of the magic number.

Yes, Columbus is a “Yes” city.

There, that’s better. Inspired by Mr. Smith, one of many captivating subjects in this year’s Interview Issue, I decided to rattle off my own six-word sentiments, wrapped in quasi resolutions for the new year:

Gym. More than just a shower.

Listen more … sorry, go ahead … what?

Empathy is better than everything. Truly.

Reach across aisle without justifying oppression.

Drink Bodhi ‘til I’m not allowed.

Choose beard and stick with it.

Watch Counterfeit Madison play music everywhere.

Make a film; credits still forming.

Ignore Game of Thrones some more.

Buy hat that won’t invoke Deloise.

Revisit Cannonball Run. Quite underrated, IMO.

You’re right, Reese: ALL THE THINGS.

Deservedly, thank and apologize to parents.

Quit smoking cigs, start smoking meats.

Dudes. Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Challah. Hallelujah.

Yo, has anyone seen my sunglasses?

Just draw in this space, Claire?

Don’t read comments. Don’t read comments.


Pastel shorts. Ya’ll can’t stop me.

Work on “I don’t care” face.

Should I do more eating contests?

Have Nick Fancher shoot obituary photo.

Write more, so photo isn’t huge.

Keep … forgettin’ … not in love anymore.

Reminder: Call Tyrone. Use different phone.

Extra pickles makes everything extra special.


Travis Hoewischer, Editor-in-Chief


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