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Winter 2017

Winter 2017


BBQ isn’t something normally associated with Central Ohio. But that’s rapidly changing as several new smokehouses enter the arena. And if BBQ is all about authentic and original, read about the origins of our own City BBQ. But we’re not all meat and smoke this issue – we chat with Guy Fieri and check out the latest open kitchen concepts. Grab some wet naps – you’re gonna need em…

  • Smoke signals: Legacy Smokehouse, Smoked on High and more
  • Soups on: spice up your diet with these winter warmers
  • Guy Fieri: the blond bomber of greasy food
  • Jeff Ruby’s family jewel shines in Columbus
  • Brewers going green
  • Curt Schieber on the history of Cbus brewing
  • Eat with your eyes: talented foodie photographers of Cbus
  • A-Z guide to food trucks sticking it out in the cold
  • Home cooking from our global sister cities
  • Pizza Whiskey? Ummm… Ok
  • Pucker up: sour beer craze is here to stay

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