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#Eat614 – it’s a brunchy kinda weekend

#Eat614 – it’s a brunchy kinda weekend


Every Friday, we’ll share three of our favorite brunch spots around town.

We’ve got taco joints, cocktail clubs, dive diners, and upscale white tablecloth classics—and they all are in an arms race for our hangover/bachelorette party/book club dollars. You know, events that require grease, booze, and a table that no one bullies you from after two hours. And don’t get it twisted—we love breakfast. There are so many establishments in Columbus that specialize in the most important meal of the day—some that serve it all the time.

This isn’t that list.

This is a loose guide to those that roll out the special menu, the creative dishes that you won’t be able to find during the week, and the ones that have the most important facet of a true brunch—alcohol. I mean, when’s the last time someone recanted a tale of eating gravy for 3-4 hours?

These are (some) of the new kids and old veterans. Welcome to the meal that never ends!

The Whitney House

666 High St., Worthington

Weekends: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The Whitney House feels like visiting an old friend’s house that’s impeccably designed, decorated, and inviting, and they happen to be the nicest people on the planet and make really good food. Chef Max’s brunch offering has plenty of variety, so decisions can be difficult, but the options are there. You can’t go wrong with the salmon salad, chilaquiles, or ramen. If self-indulgence is what you’re after, go with the sticky bun and fried bologna. In addition to boozy cereals, they have a carefully curated drinks offering, highlighting quality and value on the wines, mostly top local beers, and thoughtful cocktails in both names and creations. Reservations are recommended, so don’t tell everybody. – Donnie Austin

Dig in: Cast-Iron Sticky Bun with Candied Ohio Bacon

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

215 N Fourth St.

Weekends: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The only problem I have with Wolf’s Ridge is ordering the same thing every time. I figure why stray when something is on-point. The Toad in the Hole and a cup of One Line Coffee is what I look forward to with every visit. Properly cooked eggs (gotta have the runny yolks) encased in brioche over potatoes, porter cheddar sauce, and bacon. Washing it down with coffee is cherry on the cake … keeps me regular. – Mythri Padrival

Dig in: Buffalo Pork Belly (@ rebekahmay31)

Always look on the sunny side. 📸: @coreyspring

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Oddfellows Liquor Bar

1038 N High St.

Weekends: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

After my first visit, I knew it would quickly become a regular brunch spot for me. Three things contributed to that decision: A VEGAN brunch buffet (what?!!), an insanely friendly staff and patrons, and the off-chance of seeing a cute pup enter the bar! For me, the quality of people surrounding me while I eat is just as important as the quality of food I am eating. Also, as a vegetarian who dates a very serious meat-lover, it’s so hard to find a place to eat where neither of us has to compromise. While Oddfellows has a vegan brunch buffet, they also have plenty of traditional breakfast items to choose from. But, for those of you who are excited by reading the words “vegan brunch”, get even more excited… they also have vegan Bailey’s! For me, Oddfellows for brunch is a no-brainer. Good food, good people, and the occasional precious pooch sighting. – Jenn Beck

Dig in: Buffet (@oddfellowsliquorbar)


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