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#Eat614: Make your lunch melty with The Cheesy Truck

#Eat614: Make your lunch melty with The Cheesy Truck


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While meta, the Cheesy Truck stays true to itself by bringing you the cheesiest cheese that has ever cheesed.

English cotswold cheese, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, provolone cheese, goat cheese, and of course, mac and cheese. And what better steed to pair cheese with than bread basted in olive oil and basil butter?! What we’re really trying to say is that they’ve got badass grilled cheese sandwiches. These melty bundles of gooey goodness are served up with the second best thing after cheese; potatoes. Or rather, tater tots.

For insight on proper food truck tipping etiquette according to Columbus Reddit, check this out.

Yay getting started @cabashland

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