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Influenza coming in hot, your flu shot isn’t

Influenza coming in hot, your flu shot isn’t

614now Staff

Slowly creeping over the horizon is a blanket of nasty green fog swarming with headaches, chills, aches, and nausea, influenza. And it’s starving for immune systems.

We’re still a couple weeks out from peak flu season but the Centers for Disease Control warns this year is going to be a real doozy.

According to Columbus Public Health, per The Dispatch, only 29 cases of the flu were reported at the end of November but in the first week of December alone, that number jumped 41 percent.

If you’re reading this thinking, “Ha, I don’t have to worry about a thing, I got the flu shot.” 

On average, flu shots are about 40 percent effective. Not bad. But this year’s batch is weighing in at only 10 percent effectiveness for the H3N2 strain of the illness. Yikes.

But hey, 10 percent effective is better than zero percent effective so the OhioHealth Doctors Hospital in Columbus are still advising you get poked.



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