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Kasich’s Bizarre Budget Provision that Turns Teachers into Interns

Kasich’s Bizarre Budget Provision that Turns Teachers into Interns

614now Staff

Update — February 15th:

Kasich’s Teacher Provision Affects All Teachers

Gov. John Kasich’s upcoming budget (HB-49) — has a strange provision on the 1056th page as it essentially turns teachers into de facto interns every five years as they try to renew their educator licenses.

Sec. 3319.236. Beginning September 1, 2018, the state board of education’s rules for the renewal of educator licenses shall require each applicant for renewal of a license to complete an on-site work experience with a local business or chamber of commerce as a condition of renewal. Work experience obtained pursuant to this section shall count toward any required continuing education. Each local professional development committee established under section 3319.22 of the Revised Code shall work with its teachers to identify local work experience opportunities that meet the requirements of this section. 


Will teachers be required to intern at a local carpeting store? Will they be doing ride alongs with local plumbers and electricians? We are looking for more details and will update as we get them.

Currently under Ohio Law, to obtain a renewal on your educator license you must complete:

  • Six semester hours of coursework related to classroom teaching and/or the area of licensure; or
  • 18 continuing education units (CEUs) (180 contact hours); or
  • Other equivalent activities related to classroom teaching and/or the area of licensure as approved by the Local Professional Development Committee of the employing school, district or agency since the issuance of the license to be renewed.

These local business intern hours will ultimately count towards any required continuing education, giving teachers a flexible way to renew their educator licenses. According to the provision though, these “intern” hours will be required.

The state budget will be Kasich’s last as a term-limited Governor, and by law it must be approved by the General Assembly and signed by Kasich by June 30th. The above provision seems to be part of an overarching reform on education that includes:

  • Continuing a budget freeze at Ohio’s public colleges and universities for two more years. Schools will also be required to provide textbooks to students but can charge up to $300 to offset the costs.
  • The budget “increases school funding” by nearly $300 million by 2018, a 1.2% increase in the first year and a 1.4% increase in the second.
  • Districts that have lost over 5% of their student population between 2011 and 2016 would see a drop in funding.
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