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New Start-Up Business Platform Launches Soon

New Start-Up Business Platform Launches Soon

614now Staff

Local startup masterminds and gurus, creator of, are announcing the launch of – a modern business planning platform that they think small businesses everywhere are “going to love.” With Columbus being such a tech forward and small business oriented city, we thought it appropriate to share their news.

“Today we’re announcing the launch of – a modern business planning platform that we think you’re going to love.

We’ve learned a lot in the last few years about how startup founders do their early planning, or lots of cases, avoid it altogether. Everyone wants to have a plan, but the tools that helped them digest the process were just painful.

So we came up with a better way to help startups think through business planning efficiently, and by way of that, put together a plan they can rally behind. Most founders associate business planning with some long form academic exercise that feels like a college term paper assignment. We wanted nothing to do with that.

We wanted to focus less on “creating a document” and more toward walking startups through the key aspects of planning their business, from how to acquire customers to when the startup will get to break even. We did that by creating a modular approach to planning that allows the team to zero in on key elements of the business they want to think through without having to worry about writing one giant document.

To tackle that, we focused on three key aspects of the product: Guided Builder, Drag and Drop Elements, and Automagic Projections.

Our focus in each aspect of the product was to take the complications of planning off the table so Founders can focus on the benefits – having answers to the hard problems startups face.

Think of this as Bizplan v1.0. We have had a ton of requests from our community of over 1 million startups on many aspects of getting their business together – we’re working on them!

We hope that as you use the product you’ll share your thoughts and requests to help us build a tool that lets us spend less time planning and more time building.

I hope you enjoy it my friends. Sincerely,

Wil Schroter
Founder + CEO,”



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