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North Market announces new autumn festival

North Market announces new autumn festival

614now Staff

One of Columbus’ biggest hubs of activity has just announced another festival. The North Market Festival for Good will be a celebration of local social enterprises who making doing good their priority. Get it.. a Festival for Good for do-good businesses. A few of the enterprises include Growler’s Dog Bones, Design Outreach, HireLevel Enterprises and Goodwill Art Studio.

“Partnering with The Festival for Good this year makes sense for the Market and aligns with our mission of supporting local business,” Executive Director Rick Harrison Wolfe explains. “This is great for the Market and the community as a whole and we hope that everyone comes out and has a great time while supporting fresh, local and authentic.” 

Here are the facts:

  • It begins Friday September 29 and ends Saturday September 30
  • It’ll be held outdoors at the North Market
  • There will be food
  • There will be drinks
  • There will be entertainment
  • Proceeds will benefit the North Market Development Authority and The Festival for Good
  • Admission is free
  • Tickets for drinking tokens + other items start at $25
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