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OSU students may have found solution to football parking

OSU students may have found solution to football parking

614now Staff

Your car is packed full of hot dog buns, cold beer, and your screaming friends. The game starts in 45 minutes and you’ve driven down 37 rows when you finally see an open space. You floor it 30 yards only to find out the spot is occupied by a Smart Car. You slam your sweaty palms against the steering wheel then all of a sudden… remember..


This mobile app helps you find parking spots during events–like OSU football games–and reserve them. Also, if you live near campus but absolutely loath college football and all it’s obnoxious anecdotes, you could head out on a little road trip and put your parking space up for sale.

Each listing includes the price of the spot, walk time to the event, and when the spot opens and closes.

If you are looking to reserve a spot, here’s what it looks like:

Right now, the only occasions available to reserve or sell a spot are the first five Ohio State football games but the three masterminds behind the app have plans to expand offerings.

In 2015, Taylor Case, Karan Naik, and Ritvik Vasudevan won a technology contest at Ohio State called the Hackathon. They used that as a springboard to boot up Platz. Together, they are working to make parking–the bane of every Ohio State fan’s existence–just a touch easier.

The app is free to download and available for both Androids and iPhones.

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