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Staycation: 13 grandiose Grandview attractions

Staycation: 13 grandiose Grandview attractions

Olivia Balcerzak

Sometimes, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Other times, our wanderlust takes us further than we really need to go.

Before booking that trip way the hell out of here, why not explore the neighborhoods that make Columbus so exciting and dynamic?

Let’s start with Grandview…..

Starting your day anywhere means coffee and if you’re in Grandview, it means Stauf’s Coffee Roasters.

This place has 40+ pourover and tea options, cold brew and espresso, quick-for-a-hipster-place lattes, homemade pastries and, the cutest big/little coffee shop atmosphere which settles perfectly on the trendy line before spilling over into pretentious.

If your appetite exceeds a round piece of bread, DK Diner is the place for you. Best practice: Order an egg sandwich made on an glazed donut and the homefries.

The food is reasonably priced and the lampshades double for serve-yourself coffee strainers so it’s really and slam dunk.

Now it’s time to relax away your carb hangover with a nice movie.

Somewhere in the mix of typical theaters, drive-ins, that one theater with reclining chairs in Dublin, and at-home theaters lays the Grandview Theater and Drafthouse.

It’s got a sweet marquee sign, a bar with a window wall that opens up onto the sidewalk, and, best of all, serves pizza and ice cold draft beer.

The Grandview Shopping Center also offers plenty to do.

Wanna buy some jewelry you probably don’t need? Red Giraffe Designs can hook you up with some new jewelry with handmade designs that can be custom ordered in the store, plus the two for $10 deal on rings is a steal.

Looking to grab some tacos and tequila? Local Cantina is open until 2:30am to serve all your sober/drunk needs.

Speaking of late night eats, Big Mama’s is right down the street from Cantina and is open until 3am. They are the Mexican equivalent to PJ’s on Ohio State’s campus so you know they’re legit.

Beyond just the late night bites, Grandview hosts Sweet Carrot and it’s a great option for lunch.


When you think barbecue, many of you think of your one fat uncle who brings his own bib to any family event involving ribs and spits sauce in your face while he talks.

Unlike traditional BBQ, Korean style will not leave feeling greasy and 1,000 pounds heavier.

Whether you opt for the corn-cake pancake, fried artichoke, chicken meatballs, or soup, your savory tooth will be kicked and you’ll have room for their namesake: A big, cool slice of carrot cake.

Round out your day of dining in Grandview at La Tavola

Be sure to make a reservation because it’s small quarters are constantly packed with people eager to nosh on gnocchi, pasta and large chunks of meat eloquently placed in the center of the plate.

And of course, the real reason anyone decides to go to anywhere new: The nightlife.

Let me tell you, Grandview does it differently.

Boujee drinkers will want to go to Watershed for it’s chic and secluded vibes. It’s a little more upscale, but a night out there will redeem you from that one night the cops handcuffed you with the 40 oz’s still taped to your hands.

If your speed is more Short North, Grandview Cafe is where you should be hanging out.

If you have friends, the upstairs portion is a great space for you all to lounge and mingle.

If you don’t have friends, the outside patio on the first floor is crowded enough to force people to deal with you for the night.

As for the rest of us scrapping quarters together from underneath our car seats, Woodland’s Backyard is the spot.

All the way down Grandview towards the highway you will find a gas station. And then behind that gas station you will find Woodland’s Backyard which is basically like a playground for adults who like to drink.

Inside, you’ll find beer on-tap and other not beer drinks. Unfortunately, the best part of Woodland’s Backyard is not operational at the moment: sand volleyball. But, there is mini bowling that’ll give you something to do with your hands. 

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