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Uncovering Columbus: Andy Grizzell

Downtown—any downtown—isn’t known for its flavor. Government and finance employees and the occasional resident mix and match in a steady stream of daily hustle and bustle—which makes the space feel much more like a campus than a neighborhood. That’s why for years nothing—and no one—seemed to fill the space once the street lights came on. [...]
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Downtown—any downtown—isn’t known for its flavor. Government and finance employees and the occasional resident mix and match in a steady stream of daily hustle and bustle—which makes the space feel much more like a campus than a neighborhood.

That’s why for years nothing—and no one—seemed to fill the space once the street lights came on.

Today, perhaps feeding off the booster rocket of development that is the Short North, downtown is getting more character by the month—but to photographer Andy Grizzell, it’s always been there. You just have to know where to look.

He’s found his niche one f stop away from voyeur—becoming the people’s people watcher, fascinated with what can be found under a clutched umbrella, through a shop window, or tucked into a doorway.

The result is an all new view of the city—one that feels at once vibrant and vintage, a diverse cross-section of the city’s core, by age, race, and style.

I always feel Columbus is relatively boring from an architecture standpoint, so does that engender a larger focus on the people?

For sure! I tried architecture and urban landscape shots for a while and wasn’t really feeling it. Camping out for a sunrise over the Columbus skyline didn’t deliver the same rush as a simple candid street shot did. I also shoot with a narrow focal length, so there’s more focus on the subject and separation from the background in my images. I do have plans to incorporate more of downtown into my shots to really add that element of location into my work.

Windows: I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a better use of them as a literal framing device. Is it that you can create an intimate feel with the viewer?

Ah… Framing! If I could frame and even subframe my subject in every shot I would. Windows make it so easy to accomplish that. There are many other elements of composition and fine art I try to incorporate into my street photography. I take a good mix of moments as well as photos with a strong compositional element that are geared more towards prints and fine art. In regard to the windows, there is an anticipated and socially acceptable people-watching element that comes with sitting on the inside. It’s much more awkward raising my camera and capturing what goes on from the outside. What’s odd is that I get nervous every single time I shoot into a window and I’ve never been met with a negative response. I get that the subject is more or less trapped on the other side of the widow, but I am usually met with a wave, a smile, a look away. Occasionally folks look behind them and wonder what I am taking a photo of.

There certainly is a voyeuristic quality to your work, but yet all these subjects still feel connected to you, and by extension, to us. How do you pull that off?

Well for one, it took me a long time to get comfortable taking pictures of people. When I first started doing street photography I took a lot of pictures of people’s backs. I also shot from the hip and hoped for something good. Last summer I made a goal that I would work on boldness and not care about anything else. A little bit of practice goes a long way. I also realized after the first few times of aiming my lens directly at someone it’s significantly less awkward than expected. Now I try to capture the moment and if that means there is potential for confrontation then so be it. I am also sharing a small percentage of the photos I take. I usually delete 90 percent or more of the photos I make. Eye contact helps with that connection aspect. Photos without it don’t have the same feeling. At times, I have to wait for quite a while for someone to look at me so I can snap their photo and be on my way.

Do you ever wish to know more about your subjects—what conversation spurred that quick kiss, or what thoughtful expression, or is that mystery part of the fun? 

The mystery is definitely part of the fun for me! I often have ideas about people and why they are dressed a certain way. I like to think most people I photograph probably work at some swanky downtown ad agency and could play a role on Mad Men. Learning the reality of their situation may kill the rush I got from photographing someone important. For example, the man smoking in the doorway; I see him regularly and he is usually impeccably dressed. I could stop and have a conversation with him, but I’m sure that would change my perspective of him. With that being said I do enjoy when people recognize themselves or a friend and let me know on Instagram.

One of the first things that drew me to your work is how interesting you make Downtown look, when on an average day, it can just seem like people moving along. Is that a big part of what makes you stop and snap? This dichotomy of people who live there and people just coming and going?

Yeah, I definitely like to capture moments that are otherwise taken for granted. Something as small as a hand opening a door, or an umbrella being opened, or a couple resting cheek to cheek in a bar. Our downtown is not enormous, but it’s fun during the evening rush to slow down and just look for moments and details. I would like to do some more of the true social photography and really capture the obvious dichotomy between the haves and the have-nots. There are rich and poor, homeowners and homeless, CEOs and the jobless rubbing shoulders all day. I love it!

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Oh Snap! Local photo studio helping bring Columbus’ imagination to life

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We can only count on our memories to preserve moments so much, and word of mouth can only get us so far. Sometimes, a message needs to be captured with a shutter and presented with an image.

At Zurïe Studio you can bring your imagination to life and preserve special moments in one beautiful place at a reasonable price. The space features a sun-soaked studio and clean aesthetic, allowing the subjects of your photos to command the screen without distraction.

The studio also offers paper backdrops, stools, and minimal props to amplify your project, mini session, or photo shoot. All outside props are welcome, too, with a loading dock to make setup a breeze.

Speaking of mini, (614) Kids Club has teamed up with Zurïe to offer a FREE Family Holiday Mini Photography Session! Join us December 7th from 10am-Noon at Zurïe to have your picture snapped by LA + Co Photography.

This event is open to the public (as long as you get your ticket in advance), but (614) Kids Club members will receive:

  • (614) Kids Club Members get to skip the line
  • Two digital prints of their minis – for FREE

Click here to learn more and reserve your spot!

Whether it's head shots for the office, new products you want to promote, a creative vision that keeps you up at night, or just trying to get one nice picture of your family acting like the love one another, Zurïe is passionate about the people of Columbus, and will work with you to create something beautiful and memorable.

Zurïe Studio is conveniently located at 3477 N High St. in Clintonville, directly behind the new Katalina’s. They are open 8am- 5pm every day by appointment. To learn more and book your rental, visit

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The Big Ten: 10 reasons why Jim Harbaugh is an absolute nutcase

1870 Staff



There’s no question Jim Harbaugh is a weirdo. He’s been caught picking his nose on the sidelines, he essentially wears the same outfit every single day no matter the occasion, and his personality is about as bright as a military general on cocaine. In other words, Harbaugh is set in his ways, and his ways are strange as shit.

But there’s more to this man’s madness than booger flicking and khaki pants. He’s a weirdo that wears many hats (but not many different variation of pants). And we have 10 reasons to prove it to you.

1.) Jim Harbaugh, the Spongebob fanatic.

To quote the coach on a radio show in Ann Arbor, “I love his attitude. He attacks each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind! I’ve kind of modeled my behavior after him. We all should. What a great employee he is. He’s a go-getter. He’s always got a bounce to his step. He’s got pizzazz. He puts his heart and soul into making those krabby patties. I think he’s awesome.” Uhhh, sure. Whatever you say, man.

2.) Jim Harbaugh, the house guest.

“Mom, can coach Harbaugh stay the night tonight?” Those were (probably) the words of Michigan’s current kicker, Quinn Nordin, as well as the defensive end from USC, Connor Murphy. In an effort to get the two recruits to commit to Michigan, Harbaugh took trips to visit the athletes. Perfectly normal. What’s not normal is Harbaugh crashing at the recruits house for the night. Dude, you are the third highest paid coach in college football. You’re either too cheap to buy a hotel, or you’re too odd to realize this was a weird ass move.

3.) Jim Harbaugh, the music man.

If you haven’t had the luxury of watching this music video, put this magazine down and pull up YouTube. Rap duo, Bailey, produced a Michigan hype song to promote the 2016 season titled “Who Has It Better Than Us?” which featured Harbaugh literally screaming those exact words for the chorus. This is just as much weird (Harbaugh’s rap career isn’t looking good) as it is ironic as the Wolverines would go on to lose to Ohio State and in their bowl game against Florida State. We can think of at least two schools that have it better than ya’ll…

4.) Jim Harbaugh, the conspiracy theorist.

He said they were a “nervous bird.” We’re not even gonna attempt to explain this. Here’s what a former Michigan quarterback, Wilton Speight, had to say to Bleacher Report about the hate against chickens: “He thinks some type of sickness injected its way into the human population when people began eating white meats instead of beef and pork. And he believes it, 100 percent.” … Riiiiight.

5.) Jim Harbaugh, the babysitter.

Turns out that fateful night he stayed with Connor Murphy wasn’t the first time. Harbaugh has stayed at the Murphy residence in the past, when he was a head coach at Stanford, to recruit Murphy’s brother, Trent. During the night, Connor and Trent’s mother went into labor forcing the father to take her to the hospital to give birth. As for Harbaugh and, at the time, 12-year-old Connor? Here’s what Connor told the LA Times: “Coach Harbaugh sat on my living room floor with me and we drank milk and played chess.”

6.) Jim Harbaugh, the patriotic music man.

If coaching doesn’t work, it seems like Harbaugh is eyeing a career in music. In 2016, rapper Lil Dicky came to Ann Arbor to preform. For reasons we have absolutely no way of understanding, Lil Dicky brought Harbaugh on stage to… sing the national anthem? And, as on brand as the mother fucker is, he was wearing those damn khakis for the performance. He probably flicked a few boogers backstage, too.

7.) Jim Harbaugh, the president?

Apparently rapper Wale and Jim Harbaugh are cooking something up for a presidential run. In 2016, Wale tweeted at the TTUN coach and endorsed him for a presidential campaign. Harbaugh responded back eager to bring Wale on as his Vice President. Let’s play a game, Buckeye Nation, would you rather have Trump as president, or Harbaugh?

8.) Jim Harbaugh, the khakis man.

We all know how much the man loves his Dockers, but do you really know how deep that love runs? The man worksout in his khakis. We’re sure that never gets too sweaty. The man swims—SWIMS!!—in his khakis. And he’s even been spotted running around the practice field shirtless showing off that pasty-white dad bod, but still in those damned khakis.

9.) Jim Harbaugh, the dietician.

We already know the man hates chickens, but did you know how much he loves cows? Almost as much as he loves khakis, believe it or not. Harbaugh is convinced that milk and steak are a “natural steroid.” Here’s what Harbaugh had to say about his affinity to “natural steroids” on a radio show in Ann Arbor: “I take a vitamin every day. It’s called a steak. … I truly believe the No. 1 natural steroid is sleep, and the No. 2 natural steroid is milk, whole milk. Three would be water. Four would be steak. [Steak] … it goes with everything.”

10.) Jim Harbaugh, the actor.

Why not? He’s a president, a singer, a rapper, a babysitter, and even a Spongebob stan. Of course he’s made a few appearances on television. The first time was on Saved By The Bell where he didn’t even get an excited “woo!” from the fake audience when he came on screen. Screech gets one every time he’s on camera and he’s a main character. The other time was when Harbaugh showed his true side on Detroiters for a skit. He loses his shit during a tailgating style game and ends up drilling the main character in the back of the head with a football. Okay so the Detroiters skit is actually kind of funny.•

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Top 5 times Ohio State broke Michigan’s heart in The Game




Curtis Samuel Shows off His Madden Moves (2016)

For all Buckeye fans, this moment is unforgettable. After going down to Michigan in the second quarter, the two teams matched blows all game and even ended up in double overtime. After J.T. Barrett converted a fourth down, Curtis Samuel 15-yards to seal the win. Not only was Samuel’s TD amazing, it also cemented the Bucks’ place in the College Football Playoff while keeping TTUN out. Two birds with one stone.

Game of the Century (2006)

In the final iteration of the Buckeyes led by Troy Smith and Ted Ginn, Jr., the Buckeyes did not disappoint. This game had perhaps the largest implications of any on this list, because everyone in America pretty much knew that the winner would advance to the BCS National Championship game. Also: who could forget both Beanie Wells and Antonio Pittman going 50+ yards for touchdowns in the same game?

Ohio State Can’t Go to a Bowl Game… But They Also Aren’t Going to Lose (2012)

While Ohio State was dealing with a ban from bowl games, they didn’t stop wrecking opponents, and Michigan was no exception. Heading into the game, Michigan was the No. 20 team in the nation and had hopes for a win over their rival as well as moving up in the rankings to get a more prestigious bowl game. The Wolverines got neither.

Tyvis Powell is Clutch as Hell (2013)

This was one of the more competitive games in recent history. After being tied at halftime, the Bucks and Wolverines continued to trade blows until the very last moment. At the end of the game, Devin Gardner threw a touchdown to Devin Funchess to bring Michigan within 1 point and set up for a PAT. However, Michigan gambled for the win by going for two, and Tyvis Powell shut them down. It’s basically the Ohio State football equivalent of LeBron James’ block on Andre Iguodala in the 2016 NBA Finals, except Ohio State actually ended up winning.

Beat Michigan, then Win The Championship (2002)

Going into the game as the #2 team in the nation, Ohio State had amassed 12 wins before facing off against their bitter rival and were working on one of the best seasons in college football history. Seeing as Michigan had played spoiler to the Bucks’ perfect seasons three times in the ’90s, it felt like Michigan could keep Ohio State out of the BCS national championship, but Will Allen had other plans. With time expiring, Allen snagged an interception near the end zone that prevented the Wolverines from scoring a game winning touchdown. After that, Ohio State went on to beat Miami and win the BCS national championship. Talk about a story book ending for the Bucks — and a nightmare for the Wolverines.

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