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Going Green

Going Green

Jeni Ruisch


h, St. Patrick’s Day. The holiday where everyone can be Irish for a day. There are many styles of celebration, from reveling in your emerald isle roots, to getting schnockered on green beer. (614) wants to be your guide to green parties this St Patty’s, so we’ve compiled a list of celebrations across the shamrock spectrum. From early parties, safe for little leprechauns, to green beer bashes for those of you who want to drink your way to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We’ve constructed a day-long leprechaun list for those of you who want to game plan for your big Irish day. The next step is planning for your groggy Sunday morning.

Rise & Shiners

Shamrock Club of Columbus

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Everybody loves a parade! Especially when it includes music and dancing in the streets. This 11 a.m. to-do will kick off the day for those of you that weren’t already drinking green beer at 7 a.m.

Cavan Irish Pub Kegs and Eggs

Wake up bright and early to let the drinking commence! Get yourself to the most fabulous Irish pub in Columbus in time for Kegs and Eggs to start at seven. It’s probably wise to start the day with a wlittle something on your stomach.

St. Patrick’s Day Procession to Mass

For the real deals in the capital city. St. Patrick’s Church will celebrate mass in the morning before parading through the streets in observance of their namesakes holiday

St. Patrick’s Day at the Hill’s Market

The downtown Hill’s is located conveniently along the parade route for St. Paddy’s. This can mean only one thing: mid-morning black and tans, and a seat on the patio to watch the parade go by!

Kid’s St. Patrick’s Day Party

Party Like it’s Your Birthday is the spot to be seen at Polaris for the littlest leprechauns. On The Great Green Day, they’ll be having a craft party where kids can make leprechaun houses, hunt for gold, egt some sweet treats, and pose for pics in a themes photo booth. Only kids need a ticket.


Byrne’s Pub

The key to this St. Patrick’s Day staple is to nail the landing perfectly—not too early, but not too late into the evening. It’s gonna be packed, but if you’re looking for that full holiday experience, this old-school Irish pub is a must-do. The Drowsy Lads will crank out some traditional Irish folk tunes to keep things a bit traditional, but other than that, it’s setting the stage for an epic evening on Third Avenue.

8th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl

This event is tagged as the largest St. Paddy’s pub crawl in Ohio. With a ticket purchase, you get awesome swag, drink specials, and what else? Green beer.


CRC St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser

The Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resource Center is fightin’ the good fight by establishing a stable HQ for community members that need a hand-up. This afternoon event will have live music, food samples and tasty suds from Lineage Brewing.

San Patricios at Claddagh

Their name means “The Saint Patricks,” so this is their day to shine! With a bagpipe in hand, and a drummer straight from the emerald isle for the occasion, this is a mid-day romp with traditional music. Claddagh will feature Irish bands throughout the day.

Irish Family Reunion

The Battelle Grand Ballroom will be flooded with the luck of the Irish as they stream in from the parade. Buy tables in advance for your clan, and bring your own soda bread to share.

St Patrick’s Day Whiskey Tasting

If you’re looking for a Wild Goose of a good time, this low-key SoHud event will fit the bill for a keen appreciation of fine Irish whiskey, without the green beer shitshow. A ticket gets you a tasting of various Irish whiskeys, and maybe even some clever conversation from someone who’s kissed the blarney stone.

The Kells at Natalie’s

Looking for a dance to end your evening, before the bar flies head home at 2:30 a.m.? Natalie’s is hosting The Kells, a traditional Celtic quartet. Tap your toes to the tin whistle, and dance to the heartbeat of traditional drums.

Flannagan’s Dublin

Listed as Ohio’s largest St. Patrick’s Day party, the bash at Flannagan’s starts off with a 5k and free breakfast. After starting the day off on a healthy foot, enjoy, bands, DJs, green beer, and something called a jello injector shot. The shindig continues on through the night, and we all know how it ends.


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