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Jeni Ruisch

Meet Titan, the undisputed best dog in Columbus

The pet people of Columbus have spoken, and they voiced (or clicked, rather…) their votes for the Cutest Canine in Columbus Contest, brought to you by Playful Pets of Columbus. 17,699 votes were cast for 629 adorable entrants, but look who came out on top (dog)! Titan is a blue and rust European Doberman with a prize winning nose, and a serious job. When he’s not running around at the dog park, and wrestling with his labrador sister, he’s training to compete in Schutzhund, a sport that encompasses everything from obedience and tracking, to personal protection. (614) caught up with Titan between training lessons to get a peek into his background, er.. barkground.

What dogs do you look up to? I look up to all the police dogs out there. They do such a good job keeping all of us safe and protected. I also look up to Scooby Doo, figuratively, and quite literally. Have you seen how tall he is?

If you could share a bowl with any dog dead or alive, who would it be? Lassie. Total babe.

If dogs could go to restaurants, which would you choose and why? Steakhouses. Who doesn’t love a good steak?

Thoughts on cats? I love cats. I really like to chase my cat brother, Oreo. I just want to play with him all the time, but he doesn’t like me very much.

What’s one animal you think no one should own as a pet? A platypus. They are so cute, but they have venom. Seriously. They have venom.

Tell me a little about your owner, Nathan. What does he do? Nathan is the Chef for The Final Cut Steakhouse inside the Hollywood Casino.

What’s one weird thing he does when no one is around? He talks to himself.

Have you ever thought about getting an Instagram account? I always thought I needed one, but my Dad’s instagram account has basically become dedicated to Reagan and me. Please follow us @nathanavenue

What are your favorite hangout spots in Columbus and beyond? I love going to BrewDog, Seventh Son, and Kindred Brewing. They always welcome me with open arms, and I got a ton of pets and attention. I am hoping that we will be able to go there again soon. I also love to go to Alum Creek, Creekside, and the Hocking Hills.

What’s one place you’d like to see before you die? I would love to go and see Germany. I want to see where my family came from.

What’s your favorite thing about humans? Least favorite? I really like getting attention and pets. Oh, and treats. I love getting treats. I really hate when people don’t ask if they can pet me before they just start touching me.

What is one thing humans are always getting wrong about dogs? That we can’t understand them. We can understand everything that everyone says. We just sometimes choose not to listen. It’s more fun for us that way.Tell us about a time you’ve had to deal with breedism. People often think that I look intimidating and mean, but they are wrong. I have nothing but love in my heart.

You look pretty dapper in your cover portrait. Have you ever worn clothes before? How do you feel about clothes on dogs in general? I used to have a sweater that I wore last winter because it was so cold and I was a puppy. I loved my sweater, but I outgrew it. I hope my dad buys me another one this winter so I can stay nice and warm.

What is your job? What kind of training did you have to get in order to get this job? My job is to protect Nathan, and do well when I start competing in Schutzhund. I have a trainer that I work with two times a week, and Nathan and I also train several times a day. It’s a lot of work, but I love it.

What’s something your sister can do better than you, and vice-versa? She can fetch way better than me, but I am way faster then she is.

On a scale of Goofy to Scruff McGruff, how serious are you, and why? I think I am a great mix of both. I am dopey and funny at times, but also know when it’s time to be serious and focus


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