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Crew not moving south yet, Trapp could be heading across the pond

Crew not moving south yet, Trapp could be heading across the pond

Mark Elliott

Crew Not Going Anywhere Quite Yet but Wil Trapp Might Be

The long awaited vote by the Austin, Texas City Council on the deal to steal the Columbus Crew SC was delayed AGAIN last night. 

According to the Austin Statesman newspaper, council members “heaped 20-some amendments” onto the proposal, “poison pills, designed to kill the deal” according to Austin Mayor Steve Adler.

Most of them were demanding more money and concessions out of Crew owner Anthony Precourt, who was in attendance (but did he bring his checkbook?).  

The battle is over McKalla Place where six other developers have submitted proposals during the plot’s many years of dormancy.  


Council has called a special meeting for next Wednesday morning where Mayor Adler promised an up-or-down vote on the term sheet.  This will force the city and Precourt Sports Ventures to get another extension from Major League Soccer since MLS was demanding an answer by yesterday.   

Despite where the Crew might be playing in the near future, hometown hero Wil Trapp might not be out on the pitch.

The Dispatch reports the Crew rejected a $1.25 million offer from a British team called the Blackburn Rovers.

Trapp is definitely toying with the idea though as his sixth year with MLS comes to an end.

Trapp told The Dispatch that there’s a finite amount of time you can play for a European team and told The Athletic he’s open to moving, especially if the team he’s cheered for his whole life packs up and moves south.  

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