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Op-ed: “Chanting ‘Puck Frecourt’ is a lot more fun in the stands”

Op-ed: “Chanting ‘Puck Frecourt’ is a lot more fun in the stands”

Mark Elliott

So, you’re a big soccer fan and you want to #SaveTheCrew. You’ve posted and marched and hash tagged and carried signs and written your congressman and chanted that nasty word about the owner.

But if you really want to show your support and put the hurt on Voldemort Precourt, there are two more big things you need to do: Buy a ticket and go to the game.   

I know, I know, you don’t want to give the biggest villain of all any of your money but that’s not the point—this is NOT about money. Nor is it about how many people show up on the news screaming and shouting. It’s about fan and community support.

Bottom line: Getting fans in the stands. 

If ownership can continue to show pictures of empty seats in Mapfre, they can piss and moan about how this Midwest cow town can’t appreciate The Beautiful Game. (Why do you think it was so difficult to get into your seat the night of that nationally televised playoff game?).

It’d be tough to complain about fan support if the stands were full…unfortunately, they were far from that on Opening Day. 

Sunny, not really cold and the team had just come off a big win on the road. Lots of people tailgating and rumor was the Nordecke was sold out. Yet, there were 8,000 empty seats. I was so disappointed. And an Opening Day sellout would have beaten Chicago, Dallas, and Philly.

Just know that if you weren’t there, you missed a great game.

Again, this is NOT about the money.

Sure, wear your “Supporters Kit” jersey and don’t buy any concessions. But buy a ticket and show up. People in the stands are Precourt’s Kryptonite.

If you are a business, buy a block of tickets and give them to customers and employees. Or all the kids in your neighborhood. 

Trust me, chanting “Puck Frecourt” is a lot more fun in the stands.  

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