Sour Puss

Even as a new brewery seems to open every few weeks in Columbus, we remain a town that’s—well, thirsty for more. Jason Grable tried his first sour beer while vacationing in Portland, and thought Columbus might be be ready for the funky flavor. As he weighed making the transition from a career in law to full-time brewer, Grable thought sours would set him apart. Sour beers also appealed to him as a brewer.

“I liked the challenges of sours,” he said. “Dealing with wild yeast and bacteria, you give up a little bit of that sense of control. And while for a lot of personalities out there, that that would be maddening—and to a certain extent it is—[but] it’s super exciting.”

 On St. Patrick’s Day, Grable and his wife Andrea opened Random Precision Brewing Company, an exclusively sour and wild brewery, in Linworth. Because sours take a long time to produce, their tap list so far has been limited to a few of their beers along with other local, more traditional options. That will change on November third, when Random Precision releases seven new sour beers during an all-day event.

“We have three base sours; we have a golden, a red, and a sour stout. And there’ll be two variations of each of those with different flavors and fruits that’ll be added,” Grable said. They will also offer a sour that aged in a spirit barrel, providing a novel flavor profile. Food trucks will be outside all day, so visitors will be able to soak up their libations with local fare.

Random Precision will open early that morning for its biggest supporters, members of the Sours & Staves Club. Months ago, members “adopted” their own barrel as the beer was set to ferment.

On November third, Grable will open the taproom early for them to taste their barrels and sample the others.

If you’re searching for your babysitter’s number so you can attend, put down the phone: the brewery is family-friendly by design.

“Parents will come in, they can have a beer, we’ve got games for kids, we’ve got coloring books for kids. It makes it easy for parents to kind of sit back, relax, maybe socialize with other friends.”

Cheers to that.

Random Precision Brewing Company is located at 2365 West Dublin-Granville Road.


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