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A mini guide to the biggest mobile food fest in the all the land. Once again, Columbus is the site of the largest gathering of food trucks in the Midwest. As a region known for indulging our bread baskets, that’s no small feat. The Seventh Annual Columbus Food Truck Festival rolls into the capital city, [...]
Jeni Ruisch



A mini guide to the biggest mobile food fest in the all the land.

Once again, Columbus is the site of the largest gathering of food trucks in the Midwest. As a region known for indulging our bread baskets, that’s no small feat. The Seventh Annual Columbus Food Truck Festival rolls into the capital city, downtown on the Scioto Mile and at Bicentennial Park on Friday, August 17th, and Saturday August 18th. The fest will run on eight cylinders from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and entry is free! All you need to bring is an empty tummy.

Loco Sweets

Craving a sweet treat? Loco Sweets has your south of the border bases covered when it comes to your after-dinner desires. Refreshing fruit paletas are only $3, and the choices only get more fun from there. Cheesecake Chimichangas and Churros Locos are intriguing enough to make us want to buy them both, but do we dare indulge? The churros come with dippable sides, but we like to bend the rules and dip them in our waffle cones with an extra scoop. We’ll sweat all that summer weight off, anyway.

Chicky Chicky Waffle

Waffle-battered, you say? AND served on waffles? Possibly the only addition that could make fried chicken even better than it already is… Chicky Chicky Waffle has taken a tried-and-true recipe for success, and made it wholly their own. Using touches of flair like spicy maple syrup and pumpkin fries, Chicky Chicky makes slammin’ fare of sweet and savory flavor combos.

Babanzo Falafel

Shawarma, Kebab, Fattoush, Falafel! The Babanzo menu is almost as fun to say as it is to eat! Cooking up the delights of his home country of Jordan, owner Salah Al-Soudani is an accomplished heating and cooling engineer, but his heart lay in his recipe books. With encouragement from family and friends, he decided to grace Columbus with his Middle Eastern classic flavor combinations full-time.

Sweet Tooth Twisted Ice Cream

The guys behind Sweet Tooth have a combined culinary background, but still realize that there’s nothing quite like a cool ice cream cone on a summer day. While you wait in line for Asian-fusion-vegan-kale-burger-taco-waffles at one truck, you can count on the guys at Sweet Tooth to bring it back home for a moment of nostalgia with their customs soft serve and hard serve flavors.

Momma Can Cook

From grilled sweet corn to adobo chicken bowls, the food that Momma makes, makes us happy. Whether this family business is parked at Pins Mechanical Co. downtown or in Dublin, or they’re attending food truck fests, this comfort food made fresh will keep all those beers in your belly company while you wait for your turn in duckpin bowling.

The Tasty Good

If you ever want comfort food, what better way to go back than to eat your favorite childhood foods? Kid’s menu lovers everywhere rejoice at the sight of Tasty Good’s offerings. Chicken fingers, mac-n-cheese, special sauces, and sweet rolls. When your belly wants home, Tasty Good marks the spot.

Just Jerks: Enas Jamaican Grill

The culinary genius of Ms. Ena branches out in a family tree of Jamaican cuisine meal tickets on wheels. Visit her brick-and-mortar on Cleveland and Myrtle avenues, and save some space in your belly for her food truck, headed by her sons. Jerk cuisine is a family affair. But lucky for Columbus, they’re willing to grace us with their goodness.

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Au revoir, Acre: all locations of farm-to-table restaurant to close

Mike Thomas



Tuesday marked a sad day for fans of healthy, locally-sourced food in central Ohio. Acre announced it will be closing both of its locations in the coming days.


The Northwest Boulevard location has already closed its doors, with the N High St location to follow soon at an as-yet unspecified time. Read Acre’s full statement from Facebook below:

Dear Friends of Acre,We want to thank all of our loyal customers who have supported us since we opened in 2014. We set…

Posted by Acre on N. High St. on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Acre’s tailor-made special menus were a favorite among vegetarians, paleo-dieters, and others with specific dietary needs. Be sure to visit their Old North location one last time while you still can.

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Food & Drink

Man vs Mimosa: My experience with a champagne brunch

Mitch Hooper



I’m no competitive drinker; I’m just a regular guy with a serious appetite.

Okay, so maybe I stole that from Adam Richman, but his show Man vs. Food always was a pleasure when I was growing up. He would take on these seemingly impossible challenges, and within a few minutes, you’d see his game plan unfold and his plate empty out. And it’s his bravado and courage that inspired me one sunny Saturday morning at Hadley’s.

Photos: Collins Laatsch

Browsing the menu, I noticed a mimosa cost about $6. Anyone who’s ever started their day with mimosas knows this: there’s no such thing as just one mimosa at brunch. What’s the harm? Champagne supposedly wears off quickly, orange juice provides vitamin C to fight scurvy, and a stemless glass at 10 a.m. says, “I’m sophisticated, and I like to party.”

With that in mind, I started to calculate my totals. Two mimosas came to about $12 before taxes and tips, but they came in a larger glass if ordered separately. Let’s just say each $6 mimosa holds about two actual mimosas since the glass is larger. So if you really want to stretch the truth, $12 for four drinks isn’t too bad. That being said, once you hit $18, the question arises: if the brunch special offers endless* mimosas per person at about $20, wouldn’t it just be easier to pay the $20 up front? But what if I can’t even get past four mimosas? Then I would’ve been better just getting the two drinks separately.

My head was spinning with equations like that meme of Zach Galiffanakis in The Hangover. And then the voice of reason hit my subconscious: What would Adam Richman do? He wouldn’t worry about silly dollar signs, and math is for nerds. I’m getting the brunch special, dammit!

And so I did.

The first bottle of champagne and orange juice arrived and I started the first two drinks with the same ratio: a shit ton of champagne and a splash of OJ. They went down almost too easily. The stemmed glass in my hand combined with a refill-my-own-adventure at my fingertips; I was on cloud nine. Or maybe it was just the bubbles getting to my head. When my meal arrived, I was convinced: if I was wrong about cloud nine, I didn’t want to be right.


Drinks three and four went down almost as easy as the first two and instantly my worries if I should’ve gotten the brunch special disappeared. Who cares about anything, really? I had mimosas. I should mention that these ones were a bit stronger than the first and the bottle of champagne is about half empty. Still had plenty OJ, though.

I poured up drink number five and, what do you know, it went down easy. Or did I chug that? I don’t know. Empty glass. Refill.

When it came time for drink number seven and eight, it came time for another bottle of champagne. The first bottle was running on low, and I thought I had plenty of gas left in the tank. I quickly slammed back the last of the first bottle, and had a slight moment of pride. Somewhere, I hoped Adam Richman was proud of me at this moment.

It’s when I poured up any drink after 10, but not before 13, that I realized I had made a grave mistake. My belly was about to burst from all the bubbles. My fun and playful head buzz turned into a headache. My eyes were drowsy and, honestly, who knows if they were both even open. I squinted at the second bottle and felt I had done enough damage. A bottle and a half for one man is too much. I threw up the white flag, was whisked home by my designated driver, and instantly fell asleep on the couch.

Though man was done with the mimosas, the mimosas weren’t done with man. The cold sweats ensued, the room began to spin, and I decided the cold tile in the bathroom would feel nice on my skin. It had nothing to do with the evil brewing inside of my stomach. A few hours later, I woke up feeling a bit groggy but I definitely didn’t get sick… So don’t ask me about it. Got it?

In the battle between man and mimosas, let’s just say it was a tie.

* Short of alcohol poisoning.

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Food & Drink

Vote to bring “Best Blended Burger” title home to Columbus




It’s nice to live in a city with a hearty trophy shelf, isn’t it? We’ve got sports trophies, we’ve got beer trophies, we’ve got technology trophies, and, with your help, we could have a burger trophy, too.

Several Columbus restaurants are running for the James Beard Foundation Best Blended Burger contest and need your votes to win! In collaboration with the Mushroom Council, the Best Blended Burger award will be presented to the restaurant creating tastier, healthier, more sustainable burgers (made by combining finely chopped mushrooms with meat) while educating their communities about the benefits of “The Blend” and the future of the food system.


The following local restaurants have entered to win: Watershed Kitchen & Bar, Harvest Bar + Kitchen, The Market Italian Village, Caribbean Jerks Island Bar & Grill, and The Two-One.

The winner will have the privilege of presenting their burger at the James Beard House in New York City in October.

The first round consists of online voting. The 25 burgers with the highest number of votes will then be judged by a panel of experts.

To learn more about the James Beard Blended Burger Project, click here.

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