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Sponsored: The Inner Circle, a dating app for professionals

Sponsored: The Inner Circle, a dating app for professionals

614now Staff

Let’s face it—using an online dating app sucks.

Tinder is great if you’re looking for a hookup for the night and, for the shy guys out there, Bumble takes away the stress of sending that oh-so important first message. But, instead of finding other people who share common interests with you, you are sorting through a list of people that are simply within proximity of your area.

This yes or no system is effective for finding pretty faces, sure, but it isn’t so great for finding long-lasting relationships. When you are looking for a significant other, you don’t just want a pretty face, you want compatibility.

The Inner Circle started in Amsterdam as dating app to helping you do just that.

This selective dating app is bringing together like-minded people by curating a personalized list for each member to find other people in the city who share similar interests, career fields, and backgrounds. You might still have those nights of “I had a great time!” but you’ll actually mean it.


Worried you might stumble upon a weirdo or two? The Inner Circle was too. That’s why each application is reviewed to ensure no creeps or weirdos slip through the cracks—a very important and understated feature.

Don’t even worry about your online messaging game, either. If you struggle with first message stress or just prefer face-to-face interactions, The Inner Circle offers monthly events across the world for members to meet and mingle. Not only are the events entertaining, they make for a great spot for a first meeting.

Gone are the days of wasting your time on futile dates that end in meaninglessly saying, “I had a great time tonight!” only to never receive a call back ever again. Seriously, who has time for bad dates?

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