And the award for the most unique Columbus coffee goes to…

614now Staff

Here in Columbus, we take our caffeine very seriously.

In fact, we even have an established trail dedicated solely to the delicious bean juice (see The Columbus Coffee Trail).

There’s cold brew, drip, cappuccino, latte, espresso, vanilla bean skinny venti with a pump of sugar-free caramel and 5 drops of fat-free milk…And then there’s coffee for a rainy day.

Bottoms Up Coffee at 1069 W Broad St, Columbus serves up what we have found to be the most creative cup of coffee in Columbus: The Rainy Day Coffee.


This highly Instagrammable menu option includes a drink of your choice (though Bottoms Up has found “a good cup of black coffee works the best”) with a stick of cotton candy.

The cotton candy is suspended above the coffee and over time, the sugary fluff dissolves into the drink—a process mimicking that of a cloudy, rainy day.

Not only is it a unique way to sweeten your morning beverage, but it also provides entertainment while you wait for it to cool!

We were over here thinking it was impossible to improve the coffeeshop experience, but damn it Bottoms Up, you’ve done it.


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