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BrewDog wants to know, where should they go next?

BrewDog wants to know, where should they go next?

614now Staff

Scottish-based BrewDog has been hustling since the day they set foot on American soil and the news we’re about to bring you is nothing different.

“With our flagship bar up and running, we’ve got 2 more bars in the works for Columbus, then looking to expand throughout Ohio and beyond,” Wrote BrewDog on Facebook. “So we want to know – where do you want a BrewDog bar?”

Both the Short North and Franklinton bars are back on track to open this spring (opening in March and April, respectively), says DrinkUpColumbus. Massive and consistent crowds will be a given at the Short North bar, located at 1175 N. High St., where they’ll have 24 taps and pizzas. Located just across the street from Land-Grant, the Franklinton BrewDog bar at 463 W. Town St. is sure to be a hit too, especially with it’s full kitchen and rooftop patio.

Did we just say rooftop patio? Uh, yes we did.

But rather than settling with the success of two promising locations, BrewDog is thirsty for more. In fact, they aspire to open 20 new bars this year around the world.

So in your world, where would you like to see another BrewDog bar?


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