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Drink614: Boozy dad hangs on the Columbus Brew Adventures

Drink614: Boozy dad hangs on the Columbus Brew Adventures

Steve Croyle

From those lame construction paper cards you made in school, to the crappiest ties on the clearance rack, dads have been getting the shaft on Father’s Day.  

Even when you’re all grown up, and a dad in your own right, understanding what your dad really wants is still life’s biggest mystery.

So why don’t you take the mystery out of it, and just get your dad a gift certificate to Columbus Brew Adventures so he can schedule a fun, thirst quenching tour of the local craft brewing scene.

Even if your dad isn’t caught up in the craft beer hoopla, he can still enjoy the social atmosphere of a van ride around town to visit a couple of taprooms where he can sample the wares and find a beer he enjoys.

Columbus Brew Adventures’ founder Jim Ellison said that Fathers’ Day has not traditionally been a robust day for tours in the past, so he doesn’t tend to schedule anything, but you can book a private tour if you have 8 or more people, and create your own adventure.


Maybe team up with the family to get your dad and your father-in-law together, where they can discuss their insightful opinions on the many ways you’re a disappointment to them, and a disgrace to men all around the world.

Regardless of what they think of you, Columbus Brew Adventures is a wonderful way to explore the local craft beer scene. You get to meet some of the brewers, tour their facilities, and enjoy quite a few beers.

Between stops, you’ll get some insight on the history of the city, and its relationship with beer and food.

It’s generally a very good idea to organize transportation to and from the rally point.

The goal of the tour is not to get you sloshed, but you’ll have 3-4 generous samples of beer at each stop, and the ability to purchase more if you desire.  

Better safe than sorry, right?

With so many breweries out there, and more popping up every day, it’s great to have a guided tour and it might just make up for the weak ass tie game.


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