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“Epic” American pizza road trip makes 2 stops in Columbus

“Epic” American pizza road trip makes 2 stops in Columbus

614now Staff

On an ambitious mission to find the best pizza in the United States, a national blog known for its “best of” lists uncovered two saucy gems right here in Columbus.

Rave Reviews took their readers around the country to find the best pizzas based on three simple factors: dough sauce, and crust.

While there are 50 stops on the “epic” pizza road trip, not every state got a feature.

But here in Ohio, we managed two!


First up is Rubino’s Pizza. 

This little cash-only pizzeria in Bexley isn’t flashy (except for its sign out front!), but their modest thin crust has been enough to keep the people coming back for nearly 65 years.

“Rubino’s has perfected the Columbus style of pizza, which features a flakey, extra thin crust, edge to edge toppings, a tangy sauce, and pieces cut into squares,” wrote Rave.


Next on the pizza road trip is Mikey’s Late Night Slice—a local pizzeria that hardly needs an introduction.

Created out of a need for more late night food options in the city, founder Mikey Sorbono opened late Night Slice and the creative collaboration, edgy environments, and damn good pizzas have been flowing ever since.

“With fun names and variations of classic favorites, and not to mention the large size of the slices, Mikey’s Late Night Slice is definitely worth the stop,” wrote Rave. “The pies at Mikey’s are mouthwatering, but they’re really elevated when you add one of their unique sauces.”

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