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Food Truck Friday: Jewish comfort food, microbrew patios, a holy Tavern

Food Truck Friday: Jewish comfort food, microbrew patios, a holy Tavern

Aaron Wetli

Welcome to Food Truck Friday, where, believe it or not, we give you the skinny about a great food truck that regularly sets up camp at a cool location.

Columbus is far from lacking in the mobile grub department but sometime we need a little direction outside of the ol’ standby Thursday Food Trucks at the Commons. And other times you need your truck food paired with an icy cold adult beverage.

Look no further, friends. Next stop: Challah Food Truck at Seventh Son Brewing Co. with a cameo from St. James Tavern.

Challah Food Truck

Challah Food Truck tags itself as a ‘reinvention of Jewish comfort food’ and has (at least on my recent visit) a limited, but impressive menu consisting of five items: Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Preston’s Smash Burger, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Fresh Tomato Sandwich, and Schmaltz Fried Potatoes.

The expression ‘sometimes less is more’ comes to mind and is appropriate both in terms of quality of food and price point.

After considerable deliberation (seriously, I have deliberated less on clothing choices for job interviews), I chose the Chicken Sandwich and Schmaltz Fried Potatoes.

Two light and fluffy slices of chicken breast are topped with herb mayo, red onions and pickles. The breading on the chicken manages to simultaneously be flavorful and nuanced while the mayo, pickles and onions add a sweet flavor that compliment

The piping hot fried potatoes came with a rich and creamy ranch sauce, had a crispy outside and were saltier than Stormy Daniels being released from a Central Ohio jail. Well done Challah, well done.

The gentlemen at the table beside me both ordered a double Smash Burger with Schmaltz Fried Potatoes.

The burger, which has gone on to launch its own pop ups around the city, is Columbus’ answer to In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys.

Locally sourced and with fresh ingredients, this burger comes with a choice of one or two patties, American cheese, shredded lettuce, pickles and with a special sauce – you know, the way God intended. The Smash Burger doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does make the wheel more efficient and delicious.

During the two hours I was at Seventh Son, I didn’t manage to get a photo of either the Salmon or Tomato Sandwiches, but according to my pescatarian and vegetarian food snob acquaintances, both are a hit.

If you have had the burger or chicken sandwich, you have no reason to disbelieve this notion.

Seventh Son Brewing Co.

With friendly and knowledgeable bartenders to guide your drink pairing, Seventh Son is the perfect summer patio location to enjoy Challah while soaking up some rays.

Seventh Son is also an ideal location to hold an event, celebrate with friends and to enjoy a rooftop patio. If you aren’t having a good time at Seventh Son, you only have yourself to blame.

However, if you are looking to enjoy your Challah haul in a low key environment while picking tunes from a great jukebox or shooting a game of pool, today is your lucky day because this edition of FTF has a bonus location.

St. James Tavern

Located just steps south of Seventh Son, St. James has been in operation for 20 years, is an anchor in both the Italian Village and Columbus Craft Beer communities and welcomes outside food. St. James offers a more intimate and sunlight adverse environment than Seventh Son and frankly, you should visit both.

While at St. James, I kept it real with a Miller High Life Tallboy (a sophisticated pairing for my sandwich) and talked World Cup Soccer with local bartending legend Andy.

It was a great environment for chilling out, relaxing and enjoying my comfort food AND I worked off all of the calories with an after dinner game of pool.

From millennial vegetarians looking to enjoy an after work patio to 40 something, neighborhood carnivores listening to The Pixies while playing pinball and shooting pool, the trio of Challah, Seventh Son and St. James offers a little something for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Get out there with your crew and support all of the local you can handle.

Challah Food Truck is at Seventh Son Brewing Co. (1101 N. 4th Street) from 5-10 on Wednesdays and 12-3 on Sundays. St. James Tavern is located at 1057 N. 4th Street.


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