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Food Truck Friday: Omelette + cocktails at Worthington farmer’s market

Food Truck Friday: Omelette + cocktails at Worthington farmer’s market

Aaron Wetli

Welcome back to Food Truck Friday where we get you out from the booth and in front of a mobilized food machine with an ice cold adult beverage in your hand.

Interested? We thought so.

Let’s hit The Cluckwagon at the Worthington Farmer’s market, buy some groceries from local vendors and get a Bloody Mary at House Wine, shall we?

The Cluckwagon

Cluckwagon offers both a breakfast and lunch menu and focuses on Chicken (hence the name), Barbecue and local sourcing. On my recent breakfast time visit, I chose the Market Fresh Omelette.

Composed solely of market vendor’s ingredients, the omelette consisted of three farm fresh eggs, zucchini, onion and garlic quark (fresh dairy cheese) and a toast of choice (sourdough, always choose sourdough). The vegetables were fresh and crunchy, the omelette was fluffy and quark added a rich and creamy texture.

Not in the mood for an omelette special? Feel free to choose a chicken, sausage AND chorizo Breakfast Burrito, Belgium waffles or a chicken and egg breakfast sandwich.

FYI, I had my heart set on the Breakfast Burrito, but Cluckwagon was sold out by 11am, so get there early!

Now that we have ordered, let’s take a walk around the market and get a drink.


The Market

Vendors are lined up on High Street from south of Dublin Granville Road to north of South Street every Saturday, from late April through the end of October. Around 90 vendors are in attendance weekly, from 8am to 1pm and offer groceries, coffees, coffee, arts, baked goods and crafts.

Looking for fresh veggies? Wayward Seeds has you covered. Need some delicious local pork, meat, chicken or lamb to throw on the grill? Go to Oink, Moo, Cluck.

How about a fresh Cup of Joe? RIDEhome has a delicious pour over.

A fresh loaf of sliced sourdough? Lucky Cat has that.

If you can’t find something to make you happy at this Farmer’s Market, you should probably stop bumming out your friends and quit going to Farmer’s Markets.

Now, didn’t I mention something about a drink?

After making the hard decisions of what vendor to choose from and before you go home and mow or take the kids to soccer, give yourself a minute to enjoy the finer things in life. Go to House Wine to get a Bloody Mary, mimosa, glass of wine, or a draft beer to accompany your breakfast.

You deserve it!

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