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Get in the spirit with Columbus’ newest whiskey distillery

Get in the spirit with Columbus’ newest whiskey distillery

614now Staff

There’s a new distillery in town and they’re shaking up the way you enjoy whiskey and liqueurs.

Noble Cut’s bottles are available at select bars and restaurants across the city with a bottle shop to open at the 750 Cross Pointe Rd. distillery in Gahanna in the next few weeks, reports Columbus Business First.

McClellan’s Pub in northwest Columbus and the Barrel & Boar restaurant at Creekside in Gahanna were among the first to offer the new spirit.

The initial vision for Noble Cut was moonshine but co-founder Ben Vause, distiller Tony Guilfoy, and their silent partner felt the market was saturated.

So they started with flavored whiskeys—apple and dark cherry—then moved on to inventive liqueurs flavors like Limoncello and Orangecello .

They have plans to expand their offerings but with Noble Cut’s current distillery’s system, vodka and gin are off the table.

Want a bottle for yourself? Current retail price on Noble Cut’s products is $26.26 plus tax.


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