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Guy Time

Guy Time


“Why not take pieorogi to a punk bar?”

Ya see, Guy Fieri just gets it.

That was his response to Matthew Majesky’s beloved Pierogi Mountain, a grungy gem tucked inside of Cafe Bourbon Street, where the shock-haired chef chopped it up with on “College-Town Champs” last month. In addition to filming with Ray Ray’s Hog Pit, Diner’s Drive-ins, and Dives cruised into one of the most unique venues in our fair city—for meals or music.

We had to sit down with Majesky and recap Columbus getting served up on a national stage:

What was your impression of Guy heading into filming? What did you expect? How was it different?

He is someone doing exactly what he wants to do and is having a great time doing it.

Were you nervous?

Fairly. The crew were great with prepping us on what to expect from the process though so it was as easy as it could have been.

Have you had people you don’t know reach out to you as a result of the episode airing?

Yes! Most importantly, the great-nephew of the guy who invented Gravy Master (I have a tattoo of the bottle) reached out to me and told me that seeing that made his day and then told me how it was first developed. Apparently, it was a byproduct of the candy making process.

If you could co-host your own version of Triple D, what car would you drive, and what’s in the tape deck?

My first car was a ’92 Dodge Duster and it had a tape deck that played everything a little bit faster than intended. When I finally listened to the same music on other formats, it sounded weird. So anyway, I’d drive that car just for the tape deck and it would probably have a copy of Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain stuck in it.

Tell us what you can about the process. Did you learn anything about your operation from having to lay it out for someone else?

We had to write out our recipes—I usually keep everything in my head.

What other show would you love to be featured on the Food network/Cooking Channel? 

Some sort of show where I can go to all of these amazing restaurants and not have to wait in line. Is there something like that?

Can you tell us a great story from the taping that didn’t make it to air?

Guy called me out for not having Gravy Master in the kitchen on the day of taping. We had a bottle of Kitchen Bouquet instead. I swear they were out of it the day we went to buy it. Either way, I felt like a chump.


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