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Here To Stay: Adriatico’s Secures New Spot In South Campus

Here To Stay: Adriatico’s Secures New Spot In South Campus

614now Staff

When a story rolls around about construction on campus, it’s not typically something to be happy about. The story usually goes something like the establishment had been at their location for years, but due to the revamping of campus, they will have to shut their doors and hopefully they’ll find some luck in securing a new spot to set up shop.

In the midst of all the emotions rising over Ugly Tuna closing its doors this week, some good news about construction worked its way to the surface. According to an article by The Columbus Dispatch, Adriatico’s has secured a new location and it’s only a two minute walk from its current spot.

Adriatico’s will occupy the former Aveda Institute salon, about a two-minute walk from its current location. — Jennifer Smola of the Columbus Dispatch.

In the Dispatch’s report about the local pizza joint who’s been serving up slices for nearly 40 years, the owner, Greg Fortney, said he plans to move Adriatico’s in July and hopes that the store will only have to be closed for a few days during the move.

The move for Adriatico’s has been in motion for quite some time now, and Ohio State kept its promise of assisting with finding possible spots to relocate at.

When Ohio State’s board of trustees approved the $28 million optometry clinic and office project last fall, the university said it would work with Adriatico’s and other disrupted businesses to identify possible relocation opportunities.

Fortney said he was pleasantly surprised that the university kept its word. Adriatico’s will have a long-term sub-lease at the new location through Ohio State.


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