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Holiday Hideaways

Holiday Hideaways

Aaron Wetli

The holidays are here. Are you stressed yet? Are the kids driving you batty about their wish list? Is your budget shot? Maybe you’re dreading that long weekend visit from your brother-in-law who can’t stop blabbing about politics.
If this sounds all too familiar, luckily (614) has a list of places where you can take a break from running errands, recharge your batteries and treat yourself to a much needed cocktail. These joints are all have character and are full of passionate regulars, so if you aren’t a regular, these places are the perfect hideaway for the holidays where you can disappear for a few hours for some
“me time.”

Little Palace: 240 S Fourth St.

The anchor of Fourth and Main, this 1950s throwback is the perfect afternoon getaway for a drink and to enjoy some anonymity. In fact, it looks like a place that Don Draper and Roger Sterling would have disappeared into after a pitch meeting gone wrong. Little Palace has a full bar, plenty of taps and frankly and some of the best fried cheese curds around. Pair them with a Land Grant draft (any of them will suffice) and feel your stress level decrease while your cholesterol level increases. No one can judge you if they can’t find you.

The Pub Out Back: 679 High St. C, Worthington

If you haven’t been here before, don’t worry, no one is going to find you. In fact, the only people who can find The POB are Worthington locals. Local, cozy, and busy, the POB is a great place to sneak out and watch the first half of the Buckeyes basketball game while enjoying a limited, but impressive, craft draft menu. By the time you leave, you will probably have made a friend or two and those friends will probably talk you into another drink and one more after that. Be careful, or you may end up ubering home on a Monday night. That happened to a, um…friend of mine.

Rehab Tavern: 456 W Town St.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…we all know about the East Franklinton revival and we’ve all been to Land Grant and Brew Dog (two quality joints for the record). However, if you are looking to keep it low key, support local and enjoy a few moments to yourself, walk on down to Rehab. Unpretentious and classic, this bar is the perfect place to grab a draft or a shot and watch some old school MTV. Extra points if you are a pool player and are looking to blow off steam as Rehab has you covered on both fronts. Double bonus points for stopping at Red Door BBQ beforehand and taking your grub into Rehab.

Little Rock Bar: 944 N 4th St.

Do you need a few moments to yourself before going to your kid’s third holiday recital in three days? Are you looking for a great jukebox and diverse drink selection? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, stop by Little Rock and enjoy yourself. Quaint, cozy and sporting the best tunes around, Little Rock is a great place to stop by for a drink after the downtown work whistle blows. This is especially true if you are a bourbon, rye, or scotch drinker. Just trust me.

Byrne’s Pub: 1248 W Third Ave.

Did your wife send you to the Grandview Avenue boutiques to pick up a gift she ordered online? Maybe you have been tasked with bringing home dinner? Do yourself a favor and stop by Byrne’s after your trip to Grandview Avenue. Byrne’s is about as old school as Columbus gets, and it seems like there is always a bar stool open. (Be warned though, it might be the last one.)
Pro tip: Get some free popcorn and add a few drops of hot sauce.
Pro tip two: Order some Grandad’s Pizza, conveniently located next door, to take home to the family. That ought to shut the kids up for a minute.

India Oak Grill: 590 Oakland Park Ave.

Nestled behind the intersection of Indianola and Oakland Park on the east side of Clintonville, India Oak is truly a neighborhood institution and lays claim to the coldest beers in town and the best Italian Sub in the business. Do yourself a favor and test out both theories. You might not know anyone at India Oak, but the regulars all know each other. So if you are interested in the skinny on the Clintonville gossip, just belly up to the bar, order a drink and do some eavesdropping. Creeper.

Eight and Sand Tavern and Refuge: 76 Ennis Ave.

The newest addition on this list has the perfect description: refuge. The crown jewel of the Hungarian Village, Eight & Sand is a throwback to simpler times and pays homage to the neighborhood’s industrial and railroading roots. If you are on the (way) south end of town and need to watch a little bit of the game while your significant other has the kids, this is the destination for you. Also, Porketta Food Truck has just claimed the kitchen, so Eight and Sand has that going for them, which is nice.

Hey Hey Bar & Grill: 361 E Whittier St.

The oldest and most eccentric hideaway on the list is the Hey Hey. Built in 1900, Hey Hey has certainly seen it all and is no worse for the wear. Hey Hey is the perfect place to stop for some liquid tolerance before your office Holiday party/dinner in the German Village, especially if the dude from the cubicle next door drives you nuts, or if your boss is a pro at corny jokes.

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