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Got dip? Lineage Brewing does, the best in Ohio

Got dip? Lineage Brewing does, the best in Ohio

614now Staff

Where would this nation be without dips? We’ll tell you, nowhere. Nothing brings a group of acquaintances or estranged family members at holidays together like a good dip. The Food Network gets it and took it upon themselves find the best dips in each of the 50 states. 

Ohio’s crowned recipe was one Reuben Dip from none other than Columbus’ Lineage Brewing. Not only are these guys excelling in the beer game, they’re also taking home the gold medal in oozy, sharable apps!

The recipe puts a twist on the classic corned beef, Swiss, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and rye bread sandwich with brined brisket that braises in Lineage Brewing beer.

“The mixture is heaped into a cast-iron casserole dish, topped with cave-aged Swiss cheese, sprinkled with caraway seeds and baked until bubbly and golden and ready for tortilla-chip dunkers,”

The recipe was inspired by the general manager David Day’s fond memories of growing up with his grandma and dad’s signature reuben sandwiches.



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