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Mission Coffee taste, aesthetic swoons international blog

Mission Coffee taste, aesthetic swoons international blog

614now Staff

A local java hut has garnered some international interest recently.

Mission Coffee Co. in the Short North and their tasty winter brew was the muse of the popular coffee blog Sprudge recently. In the interview, the coffee connoisseurs dived into their origins and how they’ve managed to achieve success without ditching their values—those values being craftsmanship, collaboration, and education.

What has set the company apart is their willingness to make sure their consumer is aware of the farm to cup process. This as well as their unique blends are what first caught the blog’s attention.

Mission’s Polar blend, is specially brewed for the chilly winter months.

“This wintry mix is a pleasure to drink,” coos Zachary Carlsen of Sprudge.

The blend debuted in 2016 and while the taste is what keeps customers coming back, the look of the coffee is what reels them in. When asked by Sprudge, Director of Community Engagement Nathan Okuley explained that the matte white packaging is aesthetically pleasing while the resealable and degassing technology keeps the grounds fresher longer. 

“The outward facing presentation of our products or cafe experience is just as important as the quality of what’s in the cup,” said Okuley. “Our packaging is designed to reflect the experience that our customers will ultimately take home with them. A coffee experience that is hopefully unique.”

Mission Coffee Co.’s winter signature blend can be found in coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses all over Columbus including Homage, Little Eater, Bark & Co., and Blank Slate Coffee.

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