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National magazine calls local shop “one of America’s best Japanese bakeries”

National magazine calls local shop “one of America’s best Japanese bakeries”

614now Staff

Tucked back in an unsuspecting shopping center in a northern Columbus suburb is what Food & Wine calls “one of America’s best Japanese bakeries.”

Bell’s Bread at 1168 Kenny Centre Mall, Columbus thoroughly impressed writer David Landsel with its house-made “cream-filled brioche and curry donuts, melon rolls, spectacular-looking danish filled artfully with seasonal fruits, and some of the most perfect-looking loaves of sliced white bread you have ever seen.”

Landsel also commended Bell’s for the cultural hub it offers guests.

“Clearly, Belle’s is a destination, for all ages, many of the customers speaking Japanese, but also plenty who are not; the seating area is packed out, and they have opened an attached community room with three times the seating, where Japanese cartoons play on a projection screen,” wrote Landsel. “This isn’t just a place to stop by for a bun and a coffee—this is cultural immersion, not just Japan, but modern-day Columbus, too.”

Attention was also called to the nearby international attractions including Kim’s Korean Martial Arts, Japan Marketplace, J Avenue, Tensuke Express, and Kihachi.


Special shoutout to Momo Ghar, Service Bar, and Hot Chicken Takeover for also getting mentions in the article!

Side note: People are finally starting to recognize Columbus for the interesting and diverse Midwestern mecca it is rather than the “cowtown” it was once known to be.

Food & Wine said there are two things you need to know about Columbus:

    1. “The first rule when talking about the way things are now in Columbus, Ohio, is to not feel like you have to explain which Columbus you are talking about. According to the people who live here, their Columbus—one of the fastest growing cities in the country, to be fair, and one of the most dynamic, forward-looking cities in the Midwest—is the best, biggest, most interesting Columbus, with absolutely zero apologies to any of the other Columbuses.”
    2. “The second rule of Ohio’s capital city, these days, is that anything is possible. From government to education to the apparel industry and cars and everything else that’s going on now, all kinds of people are showing up here, from all over the world, and very often, they are doing interesting things, and very often, these things are food-related.”

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