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National mag explores how Cbus steals culinary talent from coasts

National mag explores how Cbus steals culinary talent from coasts

614now Staff

Food and Wine Magazine, paid a visit to the capital city to find out how a place like Columbus can steal culinary talent from the likes of California and New York.

They visited three different eateries for research.

First up, the second Fox in the Snow location.

“Modern, industrial, but never too off-putting, bathed in the right kind of light (both natural and otherwise), the first Fox in the Snow felt like something you’d find yourself drawn to in high test-chic San Francisco, or one of the more fought-over patches of real estate in Brooklyn,” wrote Food and Wine.

They went on to coo about the natural lighting, the the “welcoming, relaxed, warm” vibe and even called German Village one of the most “eye-catching” neighborhoods in the Midwest.

Next, Flowers & Bread.

“A burgeoning mini-empire that includes a cooking school, an inviting bakery/cafe and a florist, all located in the relaxed, mostly residential Clintonville section of the city,” they wrote.

They called the founders Sarah Lagrotteria Sarah Black both very talented.

Lastly, the amazing and “critically acclaimed” Momo Ghar.

These business, while different in offerings and locations, are similar in the fact their owners are all transplants from the coasts—Jeff Excell of Fox in the Snow from New York, the two Sarahs of Flowers & Bread having experience in NYC and California, and Phuntso Lama of Momo coming from New York.

They will vouch that the low cost of living, the receptive communities, and that hard-to-beat Midwestern vibe is exactly how Columbus is stealing talent from NYC and Cali.


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