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National publication throws spotlight on a-momo-mazing local restaurant

National publication throws spotlight on a-momo-mazing local restaurant

614now Staff

In only one year’s time, Momo Ghar has become a staple of Columbus cuisine but it’s not our little, well-kept secret anymore.

National publication Food & Wine recently featured the dumpling temple, calling it “One of the Best Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio.” The article explored owner Phuntso Lama’s journey to success including an early retirement, love, ambitions of becoming a bus driver, a “For Lease” sign, and eventually owning two very successful Nepalese restaurant locations.

The combination of the highly-flavorful dumplings, the hefty helpings, and the low price point make the choice of where to dine an easy one for many Cbusers and make Momo the center of many outsiders’ envies.

“This dish is a terrific thing to eat anytime—in the dead of winter, even more so,” writes David Landsel of Food & Wine. “A generous plate of eight plump momos costs just shy of ten dollars. There is house made hot sauce on the side, a fragrant blend of Indian and Mexican peppers. Once you try this food, you will never have any problem finding your way back here.”

Lama is on the prowl for a location for a full-service spot thanks to her restaurant’s wild success in 2017. Stay tuned for more as this scrumptious news develops.

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