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Prints & Pints: Local brewery, artist event on tap this weekend

Prints & Pints: Local brewery, artist event on tap this weekend

Steve Croyle

If you like beer, you probably know about The Daily Growler.

With three locations each sporting a vast selection of craft beer that can be consumed at their on-site beer halls or packaged to go in glass growlers, or convenient 32 ounce cans called “crowlers”, TDG casts a large shadow over the craft beer community.

It you like art, you probably know that there’s a strong connection between craft brewers and local artists. This is largely because artists tend to enjoy booze, but also because artists and craft brewers are kindred spirits who create something for public enjoyment, often contrary to good business sense.


So, The Daily Growler is bringing several artists and breweries together for an art show on August 18th.

Thirteen artists have created 18×24 gig posters corresponding with a particular beer. The 13 beers will be on tap at the Brewery District location (702 S. High Street).

Pints and Prints will run from Noon until 9PM. The 9 hour celebration of local creativity will provide an opportunity to meet the artists, drink the beer, and purchase signed prints, courtesy of Upright Press, for a mere 20 bucks. These are limited releases, with only 30 prints of each poster available.

So set August 18th aside, and head down to German Village for a little culture, and a lot of beer.  You can check out Upright Press on Instagram, or Facebook, or check out #dailyprintsandpints for previews of the work.

More on the event here. 


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