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Puff, puff, don’t pass on Condado’s 4/20 BOGO deal

Puff, puff, don’t pass on Condado’s 4/20 BOGO deal

Kat Courson

While you can receive a free taco with a post to your Instagram profile (pending a thousand followers), Condados is debuting a new BOGO deal that doesn’t rely on your social media savviness.

Condados Tacos is celebrating 4/20 with BOGO double decker tacos, helping provide those who faithfully celebrate a holiday with Thanksgiving-level munchies.

Cannabis-inspired taco selections include but are not limited to:

Wake-N-Bake: A double decker shell stuffed with biscuits and gravy ($4)

Bubba Kush: Peezler shell, smoked cheddar, pulled pork, jicama, onions, pineapple salsa, and jackfruit BBQ sauce ($4)

Dutch Dragon: Corn hard + flour soft shell, guac, grilled portobellos, corn salsa, pickled jalapeños, jicama, tomatoes, salsa verde ($4)

Ooey Gooey: Corn hard shell, queso blanco, pollo, black beans, cilantro-onions, and dirty sauce ($4)

Stop in on 4/20 to check out the delicious taco concoctions that are certain to satisfy your cravings.


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