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Reinventing the Meal: Better Veg

Reinventing the Meal: Better Veg

Jeni Ruisch

Has the test market city, once seemingly home to the most fast food restaurants per square mile, finally drank the Kale-Aid?

If you’re keeping up with the trends—and we are, it’s what we do—you’ll notice a green wave washing over Columbus. We’re already starting to feel better—about our own health and that of the community.

Two Dollar Radio is like that cool friend that introduces you to all the people and things You Need To Know. Just hanging out with them is enough to absorb by osmosis the knowledge of what is cool and good. In addition to being an indie publishing company, TDR headquarters has a plant-based cafe chock full of veggie dishes for those who eschew animal products on their plates.

In addition to their cafe, TDR hosts an array of local, plant-based food ventures as food trucks or pop-ups. Headed by a former pastry chef, and first stationed at Platform Brewing Co., Freaks and Leeks is now going a year strong in the vegan scene. Tofu Louie can bang out gluten free buns for their “Don’t pull on no pork” vegan sandwiches, which are soy-free and made with portabella and king oyster mushrooms, Carolina-style sauce, creamy slaw, and topped with sweet potato crunchies. Village Taco pulls up to TDR once a month, toting its vegan Mexican fare, and something called “Crack Taters” that are causing quite a stir. Their rave reviews are no doubt part of the success they’ve met, which has landed them a storefront in Alexandria. Don’t worry, though, they’ll still be oot and aboot with the food truck in the capital city. The Little Kitchen is a plant-based array on wheels that caters to vegans, vegetarians, and even you omnivores. Willowbeez Soul Veg is a family-owned operation that debuted in 2012. They serve health-conscious vegetarian food with more than a little bit of soul.

The green wave appears to be washing over Parsons. Across the street at 945 Parsons Ave., All People’s Fresh Market opened to much fanfare. Housed in a former beer and wine drive-through, APFM works in conjunction with the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. It’s a place where South Side residents can come in and get fresh produce for themselves and their families. The market is open to the public, and those below 200 percent of the poverty line will never pay for food.

Take High Street north to Campus, and the green goes on. Eden Burger specializes in a no beef burger made with rice, beans, pumpkin seeds, oats, and spices. Rounding out their veg menu are wraps, sides, and shakes that won’t bust your belt. Up in the crunchy corridors of Clintonville, Columbus’s newest niche grocery is helping you stay fresh, chock full of the freshest picks from local farms and beyond. Little Eater is a home base for those who want to support local, but they have plenty of extras from outside the heartland, like avocados. Not only can you stop by to stock up, their knowledgeable staff can help you decide what to make for dinner!

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